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SF Expo № All of Your LED Lighting Needs

SF Expo ? All of Your LED Lighting Needs

As a leader in LED lighting, Sf Expo is equipped to supply any of your home, vehicle, or office needs and more. From basic string home lighting to industrial and commercial strips, our inventory is varied to suit any budget.

Homeowners can change the way they light their homes with the help of new LED technology. SF Expo can easily assist homeowners in purchasing new quality home lighting and displays. With a variety of options, the SF Expo team will help you create a unique and visually appealing atmosphere. The future of LED is bright, and SF Expo can show the way.

The replacement of older vehicle lights with LED bulbs could be the best decision you make for your car or vehicle. Once only used for stoplights and traffic lights, more and more manufacturers are turning toward LED lights for use in vehicle headlamps and brake lights. SF Expo has LEDs for emergency strobes, tail and brake lights, and even vehicle accent lights. As a leader in ingenuity and style, our products will help make your vehicle visually unique as well as safe on the road.

According to the US Department of Energy, new lighting standards took place in 2012 and now tchnology for LEDs ensure that they use 20-25 percent less energy and last up to 8-25 times longer. The LED bulbs found at SF Expo are the best technology in the market. Switching to LED lights can benefit not only your wallet, but also your time and energy by providing you with lighting that is durable and efficient.