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Commercial Exchange foreign bank has a lot of experience in the financial sector. We are working in this field for many years.

We offer various types of financial products for investment and trading. Our bank adapting to the needs of customers from all over the world decided to implement rigorous policy to secure privacy of our present and future customers (anonymous offshore bank account). Relying also on the legislation of our country Mauritius we ensure strict observance of bank secrecy. Convenient upgraded Home Banking allows you to perform outgoing bank transfers anywhere in the world in online mode. We work only with the express transfers - 1 business day.

The geographical position of our country also favors our policy and offers a 100% guarantee on bank transactions of our customers. For the convenience of the cash savings management in the account, we offer a variety of debit and credit cards. Our Platinum debit card (Master Card) is without limit and allows withdrawing up to $ 25,000 a day from an ATM anywhere in the world. This card is replenished directly from your Home Banking.